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Antigone's "Requiem" To Chapter 9



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Rebel's Fanfiction:

The Maudlin Russian - Ongoing

This story is archived at Cassadine Fanfiction Forum under "Stables, Stalls A - M". *Chapter 46 posted 6/10/05

The story begins when Bobbie visits Stefan to ask for his help and discovers he could use some as well. Story is set in Mid 2001. Not an Endgame fiction.

Moving Mountains - added in 2005

My answer to the "Bring Stefan Back" Fanfic Challenge and includes another surprising return!

The Living Years - Vignette

A vignette written about a different outcome to Stefan's last days, written 9 months after his death as Nikolas contends with his grief over losing the man who raised him.

The Unwilling Accomplice

Completed in 12 one hour parts, as part of The Cassadine Fanfiction Forum's One Hour Challenge

Murder by poison is the Cassadine way. Will Stefan survive to clear his name? Story set in Fall 2003 and begins when he is in jail, charged for Summer's murder.

Oedipus Wrecks - Short Story

Is there anything a son wants more than a mother's love? Stefan/Helena story set in 2003. Story Complete

Pygmalion - Story complete

See what happens when Carly, desperate and fearing for her life, makes a desperate appeal to Stefan to protect her.

Cassadines Don't Divorce - Short Story

Set in Mid 1997, Bobbie's attempt to drug Stefan results in a very different outcome. Story complete in 6 chapters.

Port Chuck 1999

Port Chuck 2000  

This Completed story is archived on the GH Timeline Series Home Page. Check out the other Timeline stories by the other timeline authors.

Port Chuck 1999 is a story of epic length within the GH Timeline Series. It begins with peace between the Spencers and Cassadines., Laura and Luke happily married, Brenda gone with Jax, and Carly flying solo with her son, having never married. The story spans the years 1999/2000. Ensemble fic with special emphasis on Cassadines, Spencers and Quartermaines. (written 1997-2000)

Full Circle, Co-authored with Barky

  • Chapters 1 - 31, Aborted

The story begins in the year 2006 with a celebration and a tragedy, bringing Nikolas and Emily back to Port Charles. As they attempt to move on with their lives, they are forced to revisit the past which haunts them.


This story is archived on Bree's One Hour Challenge Site

Written as part of a one hour challenge. This story is set during the time Stefan faked his death. Stefan and Helena are in for a rude awakening.

Bound By Blood - Story complete

  • Co-authored with Ashlyn

A 1996 Adventure story which takes place after Nikolas discovers Stefan's computer game with the Spencers. When a tragedy occurs, can the Spencers and Cassadines band to together to fight a common enemy?




Deb Swanson's Fanfiction

I've Got You Back


The Compound - complete

I've Got You Back is a Carly Coma Short story- Complete


In The Compound, Find out what happens when Lorenzo keeps a very pregnant Carly on his compound.

Path to Power

  • Ongoing story posted at Deb's Site.
    * Updated to Chapter 61


  • Ongoing fanfiction posted Deb's Fanfiction Site

PTP begins when Alexis has a breakdown after giving birth. Ensemble Fiction featuring Faith, the Quartermaines and Cassadines

Risk: Carly and Stavros team up to take on Port Charles -- ensemble fic.

The Triumph Series

- Updated Story & Links

These stories are all on Deb's Fanfiction Trilogy page.

2005: Deb has begun adding to the trilogy again. The newest material is called When Cassadines Fall: The Detour Updated 6/05

This series gives us an close look into the Quartermaine Family. Triumph of AJ: AJ tries to win Carly despite his family's interference. The sequel, Quintessential Quartermaine: Emily Quartermaine comes into her own and finds love. The third, WCF, gives us a close view of the Cassadine Family and Nikolas' growing attachment to Maddy.

Harem of Jason Morgan -complete

  • Posted Deb's Fanfiction Site

The story begins with several key female GH characters coming to live under Jason's roof. Many fiction writers contributed.

GH 2017 - all chapters posted

This story is archived on the GH Timeline Series Home Page. Check out the other Timeline stories by the other timeline authors.

The story that started the GH Timeline Series, on which all the other stories in the series are based. While never completed, it's a classic! Entire cast is featured, plus some writer created characters.



Dreamylyfe's Fanfiction

Casualties - ongoing

  • New Chapters at Soapzone 3/14/05
  • Updated 4/26/05 to Chapter 82

This story explores the possible coming together of the two characters most beaten up by the Jason/Robin romance -- Carly & Nikolas. It starts on the imagined day of Jason and Robin's nuptials, an event which brings them together in misery and sparks off an unlikely romance.

Entries in the Five Point Challenge

These were entries in the Soapzone 5 point challenge. The challenge asked that you write 5 short stories, changing one critical point in a character's history and show the consequences.

Princess of Penance

This short vignette explores what happens to Stefan after Laura flees the Cassadine Island, leaving the infant Nikolas behind. Re-introduction of the character of Katija, who was first seen briefly in Poison Rose.

Poison Rose - complete

  • This story is archived at Eriana's fanfiction site.

Dreamylyfe's Epic Story of Lucky and Nikolas and the Spencer/Cassadine feud.

No Expecations

  • This story is archived at Eriana's fanfiction site.

Lucky and Emily Love Story- short and complete. It's the Prequel to Poison Rose and is set in late 1997




CQ's Fanfiction



The story begins with Alexis struggling to regain custody of Kristina and Lorenzo coming to terms with Luis's death.... and quickly develops into a rivetting romance and exploration of Alcazar family history. A must read!

Back To the Island

During Jason and Brenda's trial for Alcazar's murder, Alexis decides to flee with Kristina, just as Sonny figures out that he's the father. Alexis turns to her cousin Xenia for help. But help, when it comes, is from an altogether different source.

Meanwhile, Jason and Brenda become fugitives, only to end up as prey in a deadly game. Jax, Nikolas and Sonny all arrive on Cassadine Island... a place with its own rules and games.

Cassadine: Lost History

After Stavros's return, the Cassadine family is thrown into chaos. Stavros and Helena are ensconced at Wyndemere, with a grief stricken Stefan locked in his room, Alexis desperate to keep a secret safely hidden, and Nikolas struggling to find his own way without his protector. Long kept secrets from the past affect the present as the Cassadine family struggles to redefine itself.

A Little Hope added 3/2/05

CQ's Answer to the Bring Stefan Back Fanfic Challenge.




Antigone's Fanfiction



  • Chapters 1 - 9 updated 6/16/05
  • Recent Updates posted on Soapzone

A year has come and gone.  The shocking string of violent deaths that rocked Port Charles is now nothing more than a memory.  The dust has settled.  Life has moved on.  Or has it?  The arrival of a stranger serves to re-ignite the still-glowing embers of that tragedy and suggests the past might not be quite so deeply buried as some would have us believe.  Requiem contains a wide range of canon characters, exhibiting a fondness for those no longer on the canvas.

The Sigh of Things - Complete

This exquisite story begins with the abduction of Laura Spencer from the scene of her stepfather's murder then quickly escalates into a Cassadine conflict involving Helena, Stavros & Stefan. This story is an examination of the Cassadine psyche at close range. Rich Characterizations make this a real treat.

Man of Good Bones - Complete

  • added in 2005

Antigone's answer to the "Bring Stefan Back" Fanfic Challenge.

Furious Bargains - Complete!

A one part short charting an alternate path for Emily Quartermaine upon her return from Stanford.



Judy Omega's Fanfiction

Fronti Nulla Fides - Completed in 2004

This ongoing story begins when Alexis approaches Lorenzo (a professor at PCU) for help deciphering the contents of a message she has received from her presumed-dead brother. Cassadines and Alcazars are featured along with a few other surprise cast appearances.

Off The Record - complete

A short story written by Judy Omega about Sonny and Garcia. This story offers a possible scenario for Sonny's exit from Port Charles

Q.E.D. - complete

QED is a dramatic story beautifully written by Judy Omega about the Cassadines and the Spencers. It adds a surprising twist to the Cassadine legacy that intertwines their history with one Quartermaine.

Stefan and Lasha - complete

This classic short story is written by Judy Omega. It takes place on the Cassadine Island in Greece right around the time Nikolas was conceived. Written in 1996.




IcemanGal's Fanfiction

Three Things

  • A response to Rebel's "Bring Back Stefan" Challenge. Short/Complete

A noise from the secret passages of Wyndemere leads Nikolas to the truth about his uncle - and some other truths he has been avoiding. Icemangal's answer to the "Bring Stefan Back" Fanfic Challenge.

Stavros 5 Point

  • Challenge Entry, complete

This was an entry in the Soapzone 5 point challenge. The challenge asked that you write 5 short stories, changing one critical point in a character's history and show the consequences.

Training Day

  • Helander Trilogy Part I, NC-17


  • Helander Trilogy Part II, NC-17

In Training Day, A dispirited Zander, after losing Emily to Nikolas, finds himself working for Helena Cassadine. Who will train whom?

In Name, the second story finds a unique relationship growing between the unlikely pair as a yacht becomes the new training ground.

Tabula Rasa

  • Full Length Story, complete

The day after "Endgame", Nikolas and Gia find an unconscious Stavros washed up on the shore. What will happen when it's discovered that his mind is now a 'blank slate'?

Kindred Spirits

  • One Hour Fanfic Challenge entry

Ned brings Skye into an ELQ deal with a Swiss entrepeneur named Lucien Caine. His appearance shocks two families and opens up a possible Cassadine secret and buried feelings for Skye.

One Look

A short-short that examines Stavros's first glimpse of Laura from three different perspectives.

Happy Birthday, My Darling

From an old Challenge to give Stavros a different ending. It's his birthday. Will he get the present he wants most?


  • Short/Complete, NC-17

A secluded Bed and Breakfast brings Faith Rosco together with a mysterious man in an anonymous sexual encounter. When his identity is revealed, will Faith's appetites cost her her life?

The Trampling

  • Short/Complete, NC-17

A young Stavros takes a dare to do 'peasants' work' in a vineyard - with unexpected consequences.


Mala's Fanfiction

Fire and Ice

How far is Stefan willing to go to secure the Family for future generations? His pragmatism is perhaps his greatest blessing and his greatest curse. Stefan/Lydia. I couldn't help but like Lydia after reading this series.



Barkussaab's Fanfiction

The Story of Us - updated 5/9/05

The story begins in the aftermath of Sonny shooting Carly. Instead of admitting herself to Shadybrook, she asks Jason for help. Features many GH characters.

Nothing Gold Can Stay

Barky's Answer to the Bring Stefan Back Fanfic Challenge

Full Circle, Co-authored with Rebel

Chapters 1 - 31, 6/21/99 - aborted

This 1998/99 story begins in the year 2006 with a celebration and a tragedy, bringing Nikolas and Emily back to Port Charles. As they attempt to move on with their lives, they are forced to revisit the past which haunts them.

Breaking Away - story complete

This story is archived at Bree's Fanfic Castle. Check out Barky's other fiction at Bree's site

Breaking Away features Carly, The Quartermaines, Spencers and many more of Port Charles most prominent residents. Check out this well-written and entertaining journey into what could be.



This story is archived on the GH Timeline Series Home Page. Check out the other Timeline stories by the other timeline authors.

The final story of the GH Timeline Series, based on the timeline Deb Swanson created in GH 2017. A surprise is in store for the Cassadines when a long lost child is found. Check out this gem of a story.

Spirit That Moves You

One of Barky's classic old time fictions, it begins with the Spirits of dead Port Charles Residents looking over the welfare of their loved ones. Features Lucy, Kevin, the Cassadines, the Spencers and more. This hilarious story is complete.





Aimstark's Fanfiction

Send in The Clowns

  • Vignette - Complete

This poignant vignette involves Felicia and Frisco and was originally posted on Soapzone as a Lyric Wheel Challenge. This little fiction brought me to tears.



Cathy Rittheart's Fanfiction

Where Will All Come Home? - Complete

  • This story is archived on

This delightful fanfiction features Lulu Spencer as she grapples with the complex relationships in her extended family. The story is set with Stefan and Laura happily married. Beautifully written with plenty of humor and bittersweet longing and mystery to boot. All Cassadines and Spencers featured.

Blessed - Ongoing - Chapters 29-30 added 3/21/05

A Cassadine/Spencer Saga set 20 years in the future and begins when Luke is brought to a state-of-the-art Cassadine detox facility in the hopes that he can rescue a family member from Helena's clutches. All Cassadines featured with some of the best characterizations I've seen.




Kfrench's Fanfiction

Diaspora - complete

  • This story is archived at FOA website.

The story of the siblings, Stefan and Alexis. This is her vision of their rich relationship as it developed through the years.

Kfrench's Untitled Fanfiction - complete

This story is about Stefan and Alexis... their family relationships and romantic liasions. Important note: this fiction was written before Helena arrived in Port Charles.

Kfrench's Timoria - complete

Kfrench's Timoria is a short story written about the Spencers and Cassadines in late 1996. She introduces a new character named Kasmira and there are lots of emotional scenes here.

Nikolas and Lasha - complete

This emotional vintage short story deals with Nikolas and Stefan finding out that Laura isn't dead after all.




Ashlyn's Fanfiction

GH 2005 - Story complete

GH2005 is one story in the GH Timeline Series. Deb Swanson created in her story, GH 2017. It begins when Nikolas Cassadine becomes THE Cassadine. Entire Cast, including those in the soap Port Charles.

Sins Of The Father - complete

This story centers around the The Cassadine/Spencer feud, and starts when Stefan takes the egg from Laura and Luke in Switzerland.

Bound By Blood - complete

  • Co-authored with Rebel

A 1996 Adventure story which takes place after Nikolas discovers Stefan's computer game with the Spencers. When a tragedy occurs, can the Spencers and Cassadines band to together to fight a common enemy?




Debbie H's Fanfiction

The Return of Victor Cassadine

  • Chapters 1 - 39, abandoned

A fanfiction created by Debbie H. When Victor Cassadine returns from the dead, his appearance starts a chain of events that will forever change the lives of the Cassadines and Spencers. La Femme Nikita fans will recognize this as a crossover, but familiarity with La F emme Nikita is not required to understand or enjoy this story.

Back To Greece - complete

Laura and Stefan h ave been haunted by their time together in Greece; memories of love, lies and betrayal prevent them from truly moving on with their lives. Now, in the months after Katherine's death, Stefan and Laura find th emselves back in Greece, back on the island where she was once captive.

A Brief Pause In Reality - complete

A short story by Debbie H covering the events of one night in the lives of Stefan and Laura. Pre Spencer divorce.





ELC's Fanfiction

ELC's Timoria - complete

This story features a new character by the name of Ariel. Full of intrigue and romance. Cassadines are strongly featured as well as other Port Charles residents.



Jan's Fanfiction:

Love And Betrayal - complete

This story begins when Luke discovers a startling secret between Stefan and Laura. There are many more surprises in store when they all discover that Nikolas is in danger and they try to protect him. Watch for Cassadine and Spencer family secrets to be revealed!

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